Saturday, December 26, 2015

Which DSLR accessories for that new camera?

So you playing with your new camera and someone touches the lens with their fingers...... you panic and grab a paper towel and wipe it off.  Don't do that, I'm going to list out a few essential accessories you should pickup for your camera bag.

1. Lens Pen - I have a few of these now and when ever I need to clean a lens off I always use this.  It has a soft brush on one side to get off any loose dirt, sand, etc. After you do that flip it around and use the other end to clean the lens.  Perfect every time!  These are typically good for over 500 uses, highly recommend.
The Lens Pen

2. Rocket Air - This little gem will help you blow off your lens, camera body, etc without having to worry about the common issues with using canned air and a air compressor.  They are pretty cheap and a must have for any photogs bag.
Rocket Air

3. Memory Card - Chances are you got a memory card with your new DSLR camera but is it the right one for you?  Most people don't understand that some cards can actually slow your camera down due to it writing from the buffer to the card and your card has a speed of 15mb per/sec.  I always recommend using the Sandisk Extreme Pro or the Lexar Professional Series Cards. I have included pictured links of the cards that I use below, if you want you can hop over to my store link and I have a assortment there.

4. Wireless Remote - Having both a wired and wireless remote in my camera bag come in handy, if I'm shooting family (self portraits) i use the wireless remote and if I'm outside at night or other events I usually have my wired camera remote.  They are both cheap and a great thing to have in your bag.

5. Lens Filters - Not a necessity right off the bat but having a good polarizing filter on your camera lens will make photos pop and protect your lens.  There are alot of brands out there but trying to keep things budget friendly so I am going to go with the Amazon Basics.

Next blog post will be on what is the best camera bag, best strap, and more for the person who has to stay within a budget.

Another great youtube channel that I follow for some great Photography hacks is COOPH 

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