Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Got your first DSLR - Now What? Part 2

So how has learning the camera functions been going since Part 1 of Got your first DSLR? Is it confusing or complicated? lets dig into some new stuff.....

First i'm going to talk about 2 modes you can start experimenting with aperture priority and shutter priority.

What is aperture priority? 
This is a mode on most cameras that is often abbreviated with a A or Av for aperture value.  This allows you to choose a specific aperture value while the camera selects the shutter speed to match, thereby ensuring a proper exposure.  
Figure 1

Refer to the diagram (Figure 1) apertue priority (canon "Av:, Nikon "A", Olympus "A", Pentax "Av")

Why use aperture priority over auto? 
The main reason for using aperture priority is to control your depth of field YouTube by Mark Wallace. Aperture priority is useful in portrait photography where you want a wide aperture (ex: f/1.4 or f/2.8 "identified by a low number") is desired to throw the background out of focus but leave your subject clear and crisp.  Another great use for it is in landscape photography, typically you want a narrow aperture ( f/16 or f/22 "identified by a higher number") to throw the background out of focus and make it less distracting

What is Shutter Priority? 
It is a semi-automatic setting on your camera that gives you the ability to select the shutter speed value while the camera automatically selects an appropriate aperture to come up with an optimal exposure. 

Refer to the diagram (Figure 1) shutter priority (canon "Tv:, Nikon "S", Olympus "S", Pentax "Tv")

Why use Shutter Priority over Auto?
Taking action shots like sports (basketball, soccer, baseball, etc) or even kids running around.  You can use shutter priority to freeze the action or blue it depending on your creativity. You could also use it if you have a situation with low light and need a longer shutter speed.

Now go get your camera and try the settings, here are some examples that I have taken.

Aperture Priority - Shot downtown Greenville, SC storefront.

Shutter Priority - Shot at Linville Falls - Slower shutter speed to get the flow effect with the water. Note: you have to use a tripod to do this

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